Memories of the United Kingdom & Ireland

Elyse Bouvier and Chelsea Watson on Arther's Seat
Exploring Edinburgh with Elyse (photo courtesy Elyse Bouvier)

I've been dragging my feet on these posts for the last three weeks as I feel that, in doing them,  I have to admit that this trip has actually come to an end. It's been overwhelming going through all of my photos, notes, tweets and past blog posts and trying to figure out the best way to recap my trip. In sorting through it all I ended up with hundreds of anecdotes, recommendations and images I would love to share but instead I've narrowed it down to just a top twenty(ish) list, in no particular order, of my favourite memories from each area I visited. I always struggle when someone inevitably asks "how was your trip?" as I really don't know where to start. So, I hope with these posts I can at least begin to sum up my experience from my last seven months abroad.

Also, see my previous post: Recommendations for the United Kingdom & Ireland, for some of my favourite places to sleep, eat, drink and see in this part of the world.

Memories of the United Kingdom & Ireland
Kensington Palace, London
Kensington Palace in Hyde Park, London

1. Taking a run through Hyde Park the day after I arrived in London and getting asked for directions.
2. Drinking beer on Kernel Brewery's back alley patio with Annabelle in the November sunshine.

Southwark Cathedral Christmas market, London
Southwark Cathedral Christmas market, London

3. Sipping mulled wine and eating mincemeat tarts while browsing Southwark Cathedral's Christmas market.
5. Dodgy karaoke the night Steve and I met on Borough High Street.
4. Never long enough conversations with Paul.

Thames, Richmond
Walking along the Thames, Richmond

5. Getting to see London and area through my mom's eyes.
6. Surprising my mom with third row seats to Wicked.
7. Touring London's alternative galleries, cafes, street art and shops with Che and Chrissy.

haggis meal, Edinburgh
Haggis, neeps and tatties, Edinburgh

8. Reciting Robbie Burns prior to cutting into my first haggis.
9. Spending long afternoons reading my book and sipping pints with all the old men at the Blue Blazer pub.

Irvine Welsh, Skagboys release party, Edinburgh
Irvine Welsh, Edinburgh

10. Listening to Irvine Welsh read from Skagboys in the Vaults of Edinburgh.
11. Drinking tea with Elyse at Clarinda's after somehow getting lost coming down from Arthur's Seat.
12. Taking the Saturday midnight train from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Glen Coe, Scotland
Glen Coe, Scotland

13. Camping in the Scottish Highlands.
14. Teaching two year old Ella to paint at her nana's house in Portadown.
15. Watching the High School Ballynahinch talent show with Kerry.

Downhill Beach, Castlerock
The sun sets on Downhill Beach, Castlerock

16. My evening on Downhill Beach in Castlerock.
17. A black cab tour with Paddy Campbell.

Carrickfergus Castle, Northern Ireland
Carrickfergus Castle, Northern Ireland

18. Seeing Carrickfergus, where my dad and his family are from.
19. Eating a deepfried mars bars (they are WAY better than I ever expected!).
20. Meeting a group of really awesome people in Dublin and truly feeling at home for five days.

Annabelle Choi and Chelsea Watson in Dublin
ice cream with Annabelle in Temple Bar, Dublin (photo courtesy Al Higgins)

22. Eating and drinking my way through Dublin, and every moment in between, with Annabelle.
21. Seeing Jape play at the iconic venue Whelan's with my lovely Irish hosts John and Lyndsey.


  1. Love it! You've had so many outstanding moments, hey? And Clarinda's is definitely a top moment for me too. x

  2. Brings back so many memories of our time there!