Braam Van Wijk, White River

Braam Van Wijk etching

Braam Van Wijk is a South African etch artist I discovered thanks to Charlotte. His studio and gallery space is just down the road from her in White River and I saw his work in many homes around the country. Braam's unique etchings reflect the South African landscape, as he aims to capture the beauty and vastness of his country through texture, collage, detail and roughness. We stopped by the shop a few times and although I never got to meet Braam I did end up taking home a few of his pieces. Now I just need to find a home to hang them in!

Braam Van Wijk etching

Braam Van Wijk etching

Braam Van Wijk etching       Braam Van Wijk etching

Just to be clear, I am indeed back home in Canada! But, with the craziness of my last week abroad and trying to settle in here I still have a few more posts to catch up on from South Africa before I move on to life at home.

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