Curtain Twitchers by Astrid Jaekel, Edinburgh

I've walked by these windows on Victoria Street dozens of times since I've been in Edinburgh but for one reason or another I had never stopped to really have a good look at them. However, on my last day of wandering around this great little part of the city, I finally gave Astrid Jaekel's Curtain Twitchers the attention they deserve. I had always assumed they were merely stained glass windows but on closer inspection they are actually incredible paper cutouts. The installation was created for the 2011 Fringe Festival and depicts four elderly people looking out at the happenings of Edinburgh's lively Victoria Street. Apparently they are quite something to see after dark but I learned that far too late. Please don't make the same mistake I did and make sure to go check them out if you have the chance!

Also, I have to note, this is my last post from Europe/UK for the time being. As I write this I'm waiting to board a place to South Africa! I'll be spending two months there with my good friend Charlotte and have no idea what to expect. I'll likely be out of commission for the first few days as I get over jet lag, visit Kruger National Park, meet all of Charlotte's friends and, most importantly, drink lots of vino and catch up with my beautiful best friend. But I do hope to be able to share our adventure very soon!



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  1. at work, counting down the hours until you arrive! you are in joburg right now! too excited for words! the sun is shining :)