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There & Here weekend photos

The blog's been relatively quiet the last few weeks as I've taken some much needed downtime to relax in my home away from home in Edinburgh. However, Charlotte and I are still posting regularly on There & Here including weekly photos and designs comparing our respective countries. Check it out to see what I've been up to and where I've been.

It's been nice as the past couple weeks have allowed me time to start working with a few fantastic new clients and to hang out at some of my favourite local places without feeling guilty about not trying something new. I also had the chance to take a road trip to Glasgow and a camping trip to the highlands, during which I allowed myself time to unplug and unwind. A vacation from my vacation as they say. I've been seeing some really inspiring stuff in London this week so now that the week of relaxing in Scotland is over and the craziness from the robbery has died down I will be posting again soon.

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