Travel theft, London

travel note regarding travel theft
So, it happened, I was robbed while travelling. I was having dinner at a pub in Richmond with my mom who has met up with me in London for a week. I went to pay at the end of the meal and my purse was gone from the back of my chair. We didn't even see it happen. I will say I am generally really smart about my belongings but I guess I've started to let my guard down after being gone for so long. I also don't usually carry so much cash on me but it was a gift from my grandma that my mom had brought with her from home and I had just put it in my wallet. Thankfully my iPhone and camera weren't in my bag and my passport and MacBook were back in our room. Also there was no physical altercation and both myself and my mom are unharmed. As I mentioned, it could have been worse. And if this is the worst of my luck during seven months of travel (knock on wood) it really isn't that bad. But, it's a tough lesson to learn to stay alert and I will definitely be paying closer attention to my belongings from now on. It's also a shame it happened a few days into my mom's much anticipated first trip overseas as an adult, really hoping it doesn't deter her from future travel.

I spent the day at the Design Museum this afternoon after a long night and morning on the phone with the banks back home. I'll be posting on that soon but for now read my friend Alex's account on Hejorama about securing your stuff while travelling after of his recent brush with travel theft in Thailand.


  1. Sorry to read that! I know the feeling as it happened to me recently in Thailand (as you mentioned) but also in London a couple years ago. London feels very safe but there's unfortunately a lot of those silent theft and pickpockets. It's annoying and always disappointing and yet nothing too bad if you compare to horror stories from South America, etc... I hate having to be careful and paranoid all the time.
    I hope you are having a good time in London in spite of that.

  2. Wow, that's really too bad Chelsea! You're right though, it could have been far worse. At least you can get home still and the belongings aren't half as valuable as the memories you've collected over there.

  3. gutted! :( glad you are okay though. Missing you! xo Charmaine