Designs of the Year 2012, London

Earlier in the week at the London Design Museum I was able to catch the fifth annual Designs of the Year exhibition. Seriously inspiring stuff. The awards celebrate achievement in architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, products and transportation from all over the world. The exhibition allowed visitors to view and interact with the impressive and varied designs. There were strictly no photos allowed as the winners hadn't been announced yet but here are a few of my favourites.

Hövding Invisible Cycle Helmet - Hövding (Sweden)
Hövding Invisible Cycle Helmet
An invisible bicycling helmet that inflates into a hooded airbag. The stylish collar contains the folded up airbag that is triggered by sensors which pick up abnormal movements of a bicyclist in an accident.

Tesco Home Plus Virtual Store - Tesco (South Korea)
Virtual shelves featuring products with QR codes installed in subway stations and bus stops in South Korea. The digital store allows commuters to do their shopping by scanning items with their smart phone. Their choices are then delivered to their home by the end of the day.

AA Files - John Morgan Studio (UK)
AA Files
The Architectural Association School of Architecture's journal, sent out to members and sent to a global network of bookstores twice yearly. Through beautifully clean and consistant design the AA Files promote original and engaging writing on architecture.

Oratory Jacket - Brompton Bicycle Ltd (UK)
Oratory Jacket
Bicycling apparel that combines bespoke tailoring with highly visible and durable materials that can be worn during the commute and then minimally altered to be worn throughout the day.

One Thousand Cranes for Japan - Anomaly and Unit 9 (UK)
One Thousand Cranes for Japan
This project has artists donating patterns which users can print out with instructions to make origami cranes in exchange for a donation to disaster relief in Japan. The project draws on Japanese legend that a person who folds 1000 origami cranes will be granted a wish. New patterns are released daily. www.onethousandcranesforjapan.com

Mine Kafon -  Massoud Hassani (Netherlands)
Mine Kafon
This wind powered land mine destroyer is made from bamboo and biodegradable plastic. If it rolls over a land mine it will destroy itself and the land mine in the same time. It's integrated GPS chip allows you to see were it went, the safest paths to walk on and how many land mines are destroyed in an area. massoudhassani.blogspot.co.uk

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