Flax Fox, Belfast

Samson and Goliath print by Flax Fox, Belfast

I am self-admittedly really bad at keeping in touch. I twitter/facebook people sometimes, I email even less and I do not send enough postcards. I would really love to send more handwritten notes home but it just doesn't happen as often as I'd like considering that after four months of travel I still haven't made it through the list of people I intended to write. But, when I find good postcards I do take the opportunity to send a little love home. Such was the case when I came upon Flax Fox and their beautiful postcards at St. George's Sunday market. Danielle Morgan and Bridget Farmer are the duo behind the sceenprint designs which are sold as prints and transferred to tea towels and postcards. The whimsical illustrations are so remarkably Belfast that I fully intended on keeping a couple of the postcards for souvenirs but I really am THAT behind at my correspondence and used them all so will have to order a print or two for myself when I get home.

Belfast City Hall print by Flax Fox, Belfast

Belfast Terraces print by Flax Fox, Belfast      The Albert Clock print by Flax Fox, Belfast

Scrabo Tower print by Flax Fox, Belfast       Bittles Bar print by Flax Fox, Belfast

St George's Market print by Flax Fox, Belfast

website: www.flaxfoxdesigns.com
etsy shop: www.etsy.com/shop/flaxfox
twitter: @flaxfoxdesigns


  1. I love these, why didn't I buy one?!

    1. You missed out on a lot in Belfast! Oh well, an excuse to go back!