Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Illuminated manuscript from Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

I've been hanging out in Dublin this week with Annabelle, drinking lots of coffee, eating delicious food and seeing some great parts of the city. It's been really good to explore with her as we share many of the same interests with regards to food and design. After being recommended by a few different people, we spent some time at the Chester Beatty Library, an incredible collection of manuscripts, paintings, prints and rare books from Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. The elaborate book binding techniques and illuminated manuscripts were amazing to see first hand after reading about them so much in school. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take photos check out their online gallery to see a sample of the collection and please take the time to stop by this free museum when you're in Dublin.

Islamic illumination and calligraphy from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin       Islamic illustration from the Shahnama from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin

Chinese illustration from the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin      Illuminated manuscript from Chester Beatty Library, Dublin


  1. Fabulous! Would have loved to see this museum with you as well. On my list!

    1. You would have LOVED this place! So much archived print history in Dublin.