Beer, Amsterdam

photo of Chelsea Watson in Amsterdam

Finally, a photo of myself. Travelling with a friend last week means I now have a few more photos to prove I was actually in Europe. Even better is that this friend takes beautiful photos, managing to make me look good after living out of a backpack for three months!

My friend from home (also named Chelsea, also a designer, also likes beer) was in Amsterdam for the FITC conference just as I was heading in that direction. Having a few days with this girl to talk shop, gossip about home, eat too much cheese and explore the city and see its seedier side was just awesome. Chelsea Klukas is one of the most talented and focused people I know and I always leave her feeling inspired. Check out her work, her blog and, if you're on twitter, please do yourself a favour and follow her.

Missing her already. So, if you know of any other Chelseas around the world who like to eat cheese, drink beer, wear party dresses and can also take nice photos of me, please let me know.



  1. I absolutely LOVE this photo of you! Glad you had such a great time with Chelsea, she truly is an inspiring woman. xo

  2. My beautiful girl!

  3. Hey! I'm Chelsea, and travel, cheese and beer are among my biggest and truest loves (along with coffee and wine), so I feel like we might get along swimmingly. I have done a fair bit of solo travel, so I how tough it can be to get quality photos of yourself without entrusting your camera to random passersby, and then the photo of yourself is never quite natural because how can you smile naturally while a stranger is taking a photo of you?

    Unfortunately I'm afraid I can't be much help in that department though as I am a long way from Amsterdam--in Melbourne, Australia, although I am from Canada. Too bad--I'd love to meet a fellow cheese- and beer- and travel-loving Chelsea.

    Happy travels!