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travel note
As many of the upcoming legs of my trip require me to fly, I spent today planning and booking a bit of an epic flight plan, and this doesn't even include the flight to South Africa that comes at the end of it all. I had hoped I could do a lot of my trip overland but, with a few key places to be and people to see, not to mention water to cross, I am taking to the air once again. There will be room for travel by car, bus and train as I make my way through Poland, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK as I plan to see more than just the above mentioned cities. Also, to ease the panic that ultimately ensues every time I commit to set plans, I don't have any real itinerary outside of these flights. Putting my credit card away for now and looking forward to many window seats, packages of peanuts and single serving bottles of wine!

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  1. You need to explain what all the airport codes are!