Locked in the flat, Edinburgh

locked in a flat in Edinburgh
No, this is not a metaphor, I am actually locked in the flat.

I've been staying with Steven Oates during my past week in Edinburgh. He's been a fabulous host but I think spending his days at the office and his evenings showing me around town might be taking a toll. This morning he inadvertently dead bolted the door on his way to work, leaving me unable to open it from the inside. So, I spend today in his flat with his whisky collection and my macbook. If you don't hear from me for a few days send help...


  1. oh no! at least if you have freelance stuff to do you are forced to do it, right?? xoxo

  2. That's hilarious AND sort of frightening.

  3. haha thanks guys! I got out safe and sound. I also avoided using the oven all day juuuuuust in case!