Detour, Edinburgh

graphic design travel note from Edinburgh

Surprise, I'm heading to Scotland! A little off track from what I had tentatively planned but cheap flights, a private room and the company of Steven Oates was too good to pass up. This little break comes at a really great time as I have a few projects on the go that I'm excited to get going with. I'm currently working on a fundraising sponsorship book, a corporate presentation, a freelance photography identity and marketing plan, a cross-stitch pattern book and a social media plan for the same event as the t-shirt design I was working on in Berlin. Not to mention getting back into the swing of things on There & Here after a few weeks off over the holidays. Phew!

Really looking forward to Edinburgh to find a few good workspaces, see the city through the eyes of a local and have the chance to explore more of the UK.

Also, lots and lots of whisky.

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