Travel note, Switzerland

travel note
Don't get me wrong, I love travelling and meeting new people, but it does get exhausting after awhile. So, I was so fortunate to have Brittney, one of my oldest friends from home, meet up with me in Switzerland for a week. She was here to visit family and ski and brought me along with her. We were hosted by her incredibly generous cousin and her husband, a Swiss man, in the charming town of Affoltern am Albis, about a half hour train ride from Zurich. We also had the chance to escape to Laax, a ski resort in the Alps, for a girls' weekend. It was so nice to let my traveller guard down and be surrounded by friends for the week. And to have much needed girl talk with one of my closest friends.

Back on my own now, making my way east as Switzerland, while beautiful, was tough on my wallet. Also, speaking of old friends, I bought my ticket to see Charlotte in South Africa! Definitely need to start saving my change...


  1. I knew you'd feel this way....but so happy to hear you say so! How great you got to see such a good friend on the other side of the world! Love, Mom

  2. CHOTSON! I had so much fun with you too. It was the perfect getaway, and to do it in Europe? Are you kidding me? So awesome. Hope you're enjoying Austria. Wanna meet up in April? Say England?