Chetan Kumar, London illustrator

Cambodia travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

I had long admired London illustrator Chetan Kumar's travel sketchbook illustrations and was thrilled to meet him in Berlin through a mutual friend. Him and his friend Mike were kind enough to allow me to tag along with them to explore some of Berlin's alternative galleries and street art including the Tacheles art space. Not only is Che an extremely talented illustrator, he is also an enthusiastic traveller and an incredibly kind man. He always carries his sketchbook of doodles when he travels as well as his "cheism" stickers to stick up on the streets of every city he goes. His travel philosophy of "exploring facets of living in a city" is a central theme of my trip, and perhaps why we got along so well!

Seriously, get to know this man and his work. And, if you're looking for a freelance illustrator in London, I hear he's available for hire!

Angkor travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

city stirfry travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Thailand travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Thai boats travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Chetan Kumar's travel sketchbook


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  1. I'd love to flip through his sketchbook. Awesome!