Alex Kovalenko (Hejorama), Berlin

Alex Kovalenko, the cofounder of Hejorama, was on the top of my list of people I hoped to meet while I was abroad. Alex cofounded and developed this social media platform for travellers and the manifesto of the project has had a huge impact on my attitude towards travel and this trip. As I struggle to find the words to describe how fantastic this site is, I urge you to check it out yourself. After hearing Alex's passion and hopes for Hejorama I feel even more connected to and inspired by it.

I am eternally grateful for Alex's generosity while I was in Berlin. After three weeks of very little sleep in large dorm rooms, Alex offered me a bed at his place complete with my own room, a proper bed and a shower I didn't have to wear flip-flops in. It was a week of heaven. He was a gracious host, giving me my space while also taking the time to show me some awesome lesser known restaurants and bars in Berlin.

Hejorama disposable camera and travel notebook

I managed to get away with some Hejorama swag: a notebook (I need to start sketching more...new years resolution?) and a camera to participate in their disposable stories project. I can't wait to see what's in store for Alex and Hejorama and am so thankful to have spent this time getting to know this man in real life. I am confident this is just a "bye for now" as I know we will be seeing more of one another somewhere in the world someday soon.

UPDATE: Camera #5 has made it home from its trip around the world! Check out the photos from Hejorama's Disposable Stories.

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