Mucha Museum, Prague

Summer by Alphonse Mucha

I spent some time at the Mucha Museum in Prague today and was reminded of how striking and sensual his work is. The small gallery is just off the Old Town square and is entirely dedicated to the work of the Czech artist Alphonse Mucha. I just love his paintings and think Mucha's women might be the most beautiful I've ever seen. Of course, no photos allowed in the museum (as was strictly enforced by the miserable woman tending to the exhibit) but it was a great opportunity to admire so much of his work in one space.

see more of his work here.


String art, Prague

string art along the Vltava, Prague
I came across this beautiful string art graffiti while walking along the Vltava in Prague today. It may not be a white Christmas, but maybe this is better!

string art along the Vltava, Prague

string art along the Vltava, Prague

string art along the Vltava, Prague

string art along the Vltava, Prague

string art along the Vltava, Prague


The Semperoper, Dresden

Chelsea Watson in front of The Semperoper, Dresden
I spent the day wandering through Dresden on my own, what an unexpectedly beautiful and charming city. I took lots of photos in Germany, but only managed this one of myself in front of the Semperoper. Sorry mom.


Alex Kovalenko (Hejorama), Berlin

Alex Kovalenko, the cofounder of Hejorama, was on the top of my list of people I hoped to meet while I was abroad. Alex cofounded and developed this social media platform for travellers and the manifesto of the project has had a huge impact on my attitude towards travel and this trip. As I struggle to find the words to describe how fantastic this site is, I urge you to check it out yourself. After hearing Alex's passion and hopes for Hejorama I feel even more connected to and inspired by it.

I am eternally grateful for Alex's generosity while I was in Berlin. After three weeks of very little sleep in large dorm rooms, Alex offered me a bed at his place complete with my own room, a proper bed and a shower I didn't have to wear flip-flops in. It was a week of heaven. He was a gracious host, giving me my space while also taking the time to show me some awesome lesser known restaurants and bars in Berlin.

Hejorama disposable camera and travel notebook

I managed to get away with some Hejorama swag: a notebook (I need to start sketching more...new years resolution?) and a camera to participate in their disposable stories project. I can't wait to see what's in store for Alex and Hejorama and am so thankful to have spent this time getting to know this man in real life. I am confident this is just a "bye for now" as I know we will be seeing more of one another somewhere in the world someday soon.

UPDATE: Camera #5 has made it home from its trip around the world! Check out the photos from Hejorama's Disposable Stories.

The Barn, Berlin cafe

macchiato at The Barn, Berlin

I work best in cafes and pubs so ended up spending a few hours with my notebook at The Barn indulging in some of the best food and coffee I've had in Berlin (thanks Annabelle Choi!). I've been working on a really fun project for one of my favourite clients designing a t-shirt for an upcoming fundraising event and, as the concept has been approved, I've moved onto sketching out the actual design. Just sitting down on my computer now to start doing up some rough designs to send to my client, will be sure to share the refined concept when I can.

(some of the photos have been altered as my client has opted to remain anonymous until after the approval process)

sandwich at The Barn, Berlincoffee at The Barn, Berlin


Chetan Kumar, London illustrator

Cambodia travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

I had long admired London illustrator Chetan Kumar's travel sketchbook illustrations and was thrilled to meet him in Berlin through a mutual friend. Him and his friend Mike were kind enough to allow me to tag along with them to explore some of Berlin's alternative galleries and street art including the Tacheles art space. Not only is Che an extremely talented illustrator, he is also an enthusiastic traveller and an incredibly kind man. He always carries his sketchbook of doodles when he travels as well as his "cheism" stickers to stick up on the streets of every city he goes. His travel philosophy of "exploring facets of living in a city" is a central theme of my trip, and perhaps why we got along so well!

Seriously, get to know this man and his work. And, if you're looking for a freelance illustrator in London, I hear he's available for hire!

Angkor travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

city stirfry travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Thailand travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Thai boats travel sketch by Chetan Kumar

Chetan Kumar's travel sketchbook



Topography of Terror, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Of all the museums I've visited, my favourite so far is the Topography of Terror in Berlin. I love exploring museum exhibit design and seeing how they are set up with regards to images, typography, way finding and info graphics and how these elements are used to convey the varied, and often complicated, information.

(side note, my absolute dream job would be to design exhibits for museums and galleries. if you have any idea about how to go about landing this job, please let me know!)

Located next to one of the last remaining sections of the Berlin Wall, the Topography of Terror museum exhibits important details of the Nazi reign of terror and acts as a moving memorial for its victims. Along with its sombre historic significance, the design of the exhibit was one of the most impressive I've seen. The modern black/grey/orange colour palette, the suspended panels to partition and guide visitors, and the clean grid organization were perfect for the content, which is of course the most important function of the design.

It felt against the spirit of the place to be taking a ton of photos, and these definitely don't do it justice, but if you ever have the chance to visit Topography of Terror in Berlin please go see this beautiful and moving museum.

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin

Topography of Terror museum design, Berlin


Paul Price, London designer

Signs of Affection typographic poster by Paul Price

I met London designer Paul Price a few months ago when I stumbled upon his amazing typographic posters online. After chatting back and forth on Twitter, Charlotte and I included him in our guest series on There & Here and I helped him out with one of his projects. With all of the overseas collaborating, Paul was one of the main people I was hoping to meet up with on my trip.

Paul is an incredibly talented designer based in London who has seen huge success at a relatively young age. While I respect his venture into the more digital side of things, I will always love his printed  Signs of Affection poster project, which I was fortunate to be involved with in Calgary. I love his expressive typographic style and the intention behind the project and hope he can keep it going well into the future. I only managed to meet up with Paul on my last night in town but look forward to many more chats about design, life and drunk english girls and to a to a lasting overseas friendship with this man.

Signs of Affection typographic posters by Paul Price



Steven Oates, Edinburgh photographer

Kinloch Rannoch, photo by Steven Oates

I met Edinburgh photographer Steven Oates at an intense party hostel in London while he was passing through town for a few days. Thankful to find a likeminded traveler in the place, I connected with him instantly. Steve is unique in that he works in finance but pursues a passion for photography on the side. I admire that he is both career focused and creatively driven and am inspired by the success he has had in both areas of his life.

I also had the chance to accompany Steve to the incredible Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photography Awards exhibit at the Natural History Museum, which I wouldn't have thought to see otherwise. I look forward to seeing the photos from his time in London, but for now here are some of my favourites from his portfolio.

Kids in Mozambique, photo by Steven Oates

editorial photo by Steven Oates

Holy Isle Scotland, photo by Steven Oates

Hong Kong, photo by Steven Oates

Marrakesh market, photo by Steven Oates

Marrakesh main square, photo by Steven Oates



Annabelle Choi

Annabelle Choi, designer and chef

Annabelle Choi is a designer and chef who recently made the move to London on a two year UK work permit. I met her through a mutual friend who thought we'd hit it off, he was right. The breadth and depth of her work is hugely inspiring, as is her knowledge and appreciation of quality food and drink. Also, she baked me cookies when I was homesick (this is clearly the way to my heart). Get to know this girl, she is awesome.

laser cut plywood by Annabelle Choi

ceramic cups by Annabelle Choi

slip-casted porcelain by Annabelle Choi

laser-cut wood sculpture by Annabelle Choi

paper beads for Caleb's Hope


Happy birthday from London

London birthday card design
Happy birthday from London, Mom!


Borough High Street, London

A photo from Borough High Street, London
Spending the week living on Borough High Street in London. I love walking over this every day on my way to the tube!